The Best of Indonesian Cooking..

Is our new friend. Let's say hello to this beautiful little darling,

The Best of Indonesian Cooking by Yasa Boga.

It is written by Yasa Boga, a group of bestselling cookbook authors. They are four Indonesian who were both career women. From years of experiences as food editors in women's magazine, they've gained their specialties and published a lot of cookbooks. The Best of Indonesian Cooking is just one of their bestseller.

The book first published in 1998, have been sold 200,000 copies worldwide ever since and therefore been reprinted four times. I was dying to have a copy of it, and finally got paid off.

First chapter started with a brief explanation of Indonesian cooking equipments, and followed later with basic ingredients, herbs, spices, seasoning, fruits, buds and leaves. Then the recipes divided into seven sections; rice and noodles, vegetables, poultry, meat, seafood, soybean and eggs. All written in English, and described very well. If you're looking for Indonesian cooking references, you should take this book into your consideration.

Hmm, yum!

The title really did explain the book as it is. You can find a lot of great, famous Indonesian dishes in this book. I can't wait to test all of the recipes. Don't worry, I will absolutely share the best of my Indonesian cooking experiences here. In my version, of course. You do not expect me to copy paste all the contents, do you? Because I think they would not allowed it. Copyright matters.

Actually, there is another book entitled The Best of Indonesian Desserts from the same author. They (the books) are like twin, and I'm thinking to reunite them within a month or two. Wish me luck, dear!

GrowinKitchen's recipes adapted from The Best of Indonesian Cooking:
Opor Ayam
Javanese Mixed Vegetable Salad with Spiced Grated Coconut

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  1. I need a book about Indonesia recipes. Thanks for sharing.