Hello, my name is Nilam. I'm not a professional chef, per se, but I've been a passionate cook (and an avid eater). Fortuitously, everywhere I go I always surrounded by people with similar indulgence. They're my partners in crime. Together we used to whirl around the city craving for good food; or hung up in the kitchen attempting proper cooking but often end up with mess—I still do, frequently.

For me cooking is like a sedative. Hence amongst tight scheduling between my study and work as a design professional, I relish my time at the (grocery and) kitchen; experiment with some recipe, take pictures and keep a journal. Afterward I started my first blog Slurp! in April 2010.

After almost a year learning about food blogging, I decided to put a little bit more effort. Thus, GrowinKitchen born. This is a track record about me growing a kitchen while my self grow in there. I see some of friends who are having fun grow in kitchen, so, most likely there will be their kitchen stories too. I hope we evolve together over time, from zero to a kitchen hero.

I believe that the one thing makes a food good is sharing. So if you there, dear reader, please check-in every now and then—I’d love to see you around and share some flavor. Your feedback is always very much appreciated. I can also be reached at here, or via Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you, and enjoy the grow!