Indonesian Cooking With Komikoo.Com: (Kari Kambing dan) Roti Jala

This is an intermezzo. I tried making a comic a few weeks ago. It was a submission for an event at a local online comic community. They have a monthly comic event with theme, and this March is all about Indonesian cooking. Could it be more appealing to me? Nope.

My comic was a simple slice of life story with simple drawing. It is in Indonesian, entitled Kari Kambing dan Roti Jala. (Yes, the strikethroughs was meant to be on the title.) Here's the result..

Page 01.
Page 02.

I am not a comic artist, per se, and personally I think that making comic is more difficult than making a flash animation. I do, really do. Most notably because making a good comic requires the ability to communicate the idea into well designed panels, in a way readers can understand the story we're trying to tell.

It was hard to be persisted in sketching characters repetitively, in various gesture of expressions. Especially if you're not wonted. But, worth to try.. Right?

This comic is a submission for Komikoo.com Event Maret 2011: Masakan Indonesia. Komikoo.com is an online community of comic lovers in Indonesia. Read and rate this comic here.

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