Yeay.. My First

Cookbook. And by that, I do not intent to say that I had written and published a book. What I mean is I just bought a cookbook, on my own, for the first time.

Last night I went grocery shopping at a food mart nearby. They also have a Periplus store in the building, and I stopped by on my way home. There, I found an interesting cookbook on sale for almost 75% off. The book was always on my wish-lists, a copy of Rosemary Brissenden's South East Asian Food: Classic and Modern dishes from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. What an unexpected discovery!

Southeast Asian Food by Rosemary Brissenden.

I haven't got the chance to read it thoroughly as I typing this, so I will save the book review for later. Meanwhile, we have a visitor in our kitchen this morning. A hairy caterpillar was found racing through the edge of our table which was the set of today's photo session. Mala, my housemate, asked me to move him out. But I kinda like having him around. Hereby I declare him as GrowinKitchen's first associate.

Hello, little fella!

Indeed he will have to metamorphose and get off ground soon. But for now we're just going to have some quality time together in the kitchen, and we still need more companions—a management team to taste, share, encourage, discuss.. anything to keep this merriment. So, an open call it is. Interested?

Let's grow!

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